Commons Action for the United Nations

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"Our objectives were

1. To make the concept of the global commons and its components known among delegates and civil society organizations. 2. To get them mentioned in the (Co-) Chair’s Summaries. There were 2 for CSD 18 and one for Prepcom 1—in all 169 pages. 3. To form synergistic relationships with 1000 people by May 31, 2010. 4. For our team to grow into a commons in embryo to steward the global commons. 5. To build commons awareness with other civil society organizations (with the longer term goal of enabling humanity to steward diverse aspects of the global commons by allowing people to see themselves as sovereign over their common resources). 6. To promote the concept of a rights and values based global economy."

Team Members: Lisinka Ulatowska, Richard Jordan, Jay Bender, Rob Wheeler, Kathleen Quain, Mary Beth Steisslinger, Quisia Gonzalez, Anthony Robinson, Alex Dale, Amy Scarbrough, Maritza Mosquera (Deep Listening Workshop)


"Lisinka Ulatowska" <[email protected]>,

"Julie Lira" <[email protected]>,

"“Mary Beth Steisslinger”" <[email protected]>,

"Anthony Robinson" <[email protected]>,

"“Kathleen Quain”" <[email protected]>,

"Rob Wheeler" <[email protected]>,

"Richard Jordan" <[email protected]>,

"Andre Presse" <[email protected]>,

"Sanaz Mostaghim" <[email protected]>,

"LJ jang929" <[email protected]>,

"Quisia Gonzalez" <[email protected]>,

"Teckla Negga Melchior" <[email protected]>,

"George Collins" <[email protected]>,

"Alanna Hartzok" <[email protected]>,

"Carol Wilcox, preferred" <[email protected]>,

"Meena Bilgi" <[email protected]>,

More Information

Contact via Dr. Lisinka Ulatowska, UN Rep. Association of World Citizens; Institute for Planetary Synthesis



  1. Letter to the General Secretary of the U.N.: Towards a Rights and Values Based Global Economy