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[[Category:Peer Economy]]

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Common Resources in a P2P Network

This article will draw on a number of other resources in order to derive a clear and precise understanding of a "Common Resource in a P2P Network."

Our goal is to understand what the key ingredients for a Common Resource are, and to understand not only how this definition is used within a P2P Network but also to begin pointing at edge cases, Resources that are Not Commons Resources, or identifying additional cases where we are looking at what could be a Common Resource, but that we do not have a P2P Network.

Our study is built on the back of the idea of the P2P Network. In addition, we are speaking of a Commons Based P2P Network in some cases, or at least we will continue to draw on this idea as we explore Common Resources.

We'll draw on several concepts from Peer Production, Peer Governance, and Peer Property, the P2P Trifecta, in order to be sure that we are looking at our definition of Common Resources from several directions and perspectives.

Our goal is not to produce a permanent decision on the subject, but to explore the concept sufficiently without burdening it beyond usability. People do use common resources, they exist, and they are created and multiplied every day. Here we are going to look at how the P2P Network context influences and steadies our definition of common resources, and how particular facets of P2P Theory aid us in discovering our way towards a more common, better understood position.

Under Construction

This article is under construction.