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*[[Interest and Inflation Free Money]]
*[[Interest and Inflation Free Money]]
*[[JAK Bank]]
*[[JAK Bank]]
*[http://wiki.idebate.org/index.php/Debate:_Obsolete_monetary_system Debate: Obsolete monetary system]
*[http://wiki.idebate.org/index.php/Debate:_Profit-driven_society Debate: Profit-driven society]
==See Also==
==See Also==

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Common good banks will be the cornerposts of a new economic system -- a democratic, community-based system that can support and empower ordinary people everywhere to put an end to war, poverty, hunger, unemployment and global warming, before it is too late.

  • All profits go to schools and other nonprofits.
  • Depositors decide what the bank should invest in.
  • Free local credit card processing for local businesses.
  • Micro-loans for new businesses and community projects.
  • A full range of secure, FDIC-insured banking services.
  • Committed to sustainability and economic justice.

Key resources

  1. Common Good Bank, A Society to Benefit Everyone - An article that has a more personal account of the early stages of the project
  2. The Common Good Bank site
  3. An introductory video (with subtitles) [1]

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