Collective Intelligence and Collective Leadership

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* Essay: Pór, G. (2008). "Collective Intelligence and Collective Leadership: Twin Paths to Beyond Chaos," University of Amsterdam, Netherlands . Sprouts: Working Papers on Information Systems, 8(2).



"By looking at collective intelligence (CI) through four distinct lenses, this paper draws on recent research in organizational design, evolutionary economics, cognitive sciences, knowledge ecology and political economy to built a twin path forward: collective intelligence and collective leadership. It lays out elements of a framework for building this twin path beyond chaos. It is our intent to invite conversations designed to engage questions surrounding this interdependent evolutionary path. How might we develop criteria for a design capable of supporting a large range of collective intelligence phenomena in an integrated way? Will the emergent socio-economic life forms be strong enough to balance the destructive power of our global crises if and when "the perfect storm" hits? When everything goes worse and worse, and better and better, at the same time, and they do it faster and faster, how do we deal with the ensuing chaos? In order to bring forth desirable futures, we must be ready to navigate through it, using a twin path of collective intelligence and collective leadership. This is our global challenge. This paper is the first in that will delve into the topic more deeply, expanding certain sections of this overall expose into separate albeit inter-related lines of inquiry."