Collaborative Governance Software

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  • Adhocracy — Drafting and (delegated) voting tool for small and medium-sized groups. Represented on the list by Friedrich Lindenberg
  • Candiwi — The original software of the Metagovernment project. Based on consensus, synthesis, and a distributed framework. Represented on the list by Manuel Barkhau and several others.
  • CreateDebate — A social debate tool.
  • DecisionMaker — A soft that uses and compares multiple current electoral systems, programmed by the de Borda Institute.
  • IdeaScale — Enables companies to build living/breathing Digg style communities.
  • Ideagraph — An open, non-profit system for organizing arguments and achieving consensuses. Invited by Ed: 2010-02-14.
  • Indaba Application Network — Application framework for voting software. Represented on the list by Craig Simon.
  • MixedInk — A collaborative writing tool.
  • NationBuilder — The platform running The White House 2, and potentially other systems. Represented on the list by Jim Gilliam.
  • ProtoForge — A non-profit effort to develop an open, wiki style, systems engineering platform.
  • WhyNot? — An interesting tool that integrates some style of debate and voting for popularity of ideas flow.
  • Vilfredo — Software which uses a human based genetic algorithm to help participants build a consensus. Represented on the list by Pietro Speroni.
  • Votorola — Communityware for building consensus and reaching decisions. Represented on the list by Michael Allan and Thomas von der Elbe.
  • Wiki-Trust — A MediaWiki extension for automatically building trust info by evaluating history data.