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= project related to Holochain



"CoGov provides a means for people to come together in shared purpose; to transparently set preferences and create unique and thriving models of governance, agreement, and exchange that will be stored in "the cloud" in such a way that the data cannot be changed or tampered with. At the same time, CoGov allows that group to use any number of governance/agreement/exchange models, and/or transition between them, while removing or minimizing the difficulties of that transition. CoGov is a software layer built on Holochain that creates a framework for a thriving ecosystem of these groups to form and begin to cooperate and exchange in new ways. We anticipate these new forms of cooperation and exchange will serve to enhance the inherent expressive capacity of humans to such an extent that in reasonably short order, we can actually start answering the big question: How do we create an environment of human interaction that serves the values of sustainability, regeneration, equal opportunity, consent, privacy, transparency, and integrity, and yet still manages to be agile and flexible enough to adjust to the evolving needs of thriving life on Planet Earth."