Charter for Innovation, Creativity and Access to Knowledge

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Text of the Charter via (Free Culture Forum

Complete version =


Of the announcement and/or appeal:

"This initiative constitutes the beginning of an unprecedented offensive of civil society in defense of the fundamental rights in response to the pressure of the lobbies of the culture industry on the European Parliament and national parliaments.

A broad coalition from over 20 countries, of hundreds of thousands of citizens, users, consumers, organizations, artists, hackers, members of the free culture movement, economists, lawyers, teachers, students, researchers, scientists, activists, workers, unemployed, entrepreneurs, creators…

We invite all citizens to make this Charter theirs, share it and put it into practice."

The Sources of the Charter

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• Proposal made to the ONU´s World Organisation for Intellectual Property made by Amigos del Desarrollo (Friends of Development) (Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Cuba, Ecuador, Egypt, Iran, Kenya, Perou, Dominican Republic, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Tanzania and Venezuela) (

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