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New section to focus on the link between open hardware, distributed manufacturing, and ecological/sustainability concerns

or, as they say so well in French:

* "Pour un mode de production, libre, durable et solidaire".

i.e. for a free, fair and sustainable mode of production.


Commons-Based Peer Production and the associated 'open source stack', are a key ingredient for our sustainable future. Here's a summary of the arguments:

  • design in market entities entails planned obsolescence as market goods have to remain scarce; open design communities inherently design for sustainability, interoperability, inclusion, etc ..
  • shared design is crucial for a circular economy, which can't really develop easily with privatized knowledge
  • the Cosmo-Localization of production allows for a relocalization of production based on expressed local need, and avoids huge transportation expenditures as well as the systematic over-production of supply-driven mass markets

Some introductory material:


"Cosmo-Localization describes the dynamic potentials of the globally distributed knowledge commons in conjunction with emerging capacity for localized production of value. The imperative to create economically and ecologically resilient communities is driving initiatives for ‘re-localization’. Yet, such efforts for re-localization need to be put in the context of new technologies, national policy, transnational knowledge regimes and the wider global knowledge commons."

- Jose Ramos [1]

Key Resources

Key Articles

  • Kostakis, Vasilis, Niaros, Vasilis and Giotitsas, Christos. 2014. “Production and governance in hackerspaces: A manifestation of Commons-based peer production in the physical realm?”. International Journal of Cultural Studies, 18(5), 555-573.
  • Kostakis, Vasilis. 2013. “At the Turning Point of the Current Techno-Economic Paradigm: Commons-Based Peer Production, Desktop Manufacturing and the Role of Civil Society in the Perezian Framework”. tripleC: Communication, Capitalism & Critique. Open Access Journal for a Global Sustainable Information Society, 11(1), 173-190.


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