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Licensing is giving permission for someone to use something. This category of the P2P Foundation Wiki covers a number of different aspects of licensing including reviews of licenses and licensing groups that serve creators throughout the world.

Christian Siefkes on the three freedoms characteristic of Copyleft licenses:

   * The freedom to use the work for any purpose.
   * The freedom to study the work and to change it to make it to do what you wish.
   * The freedom to distribute and share the work with others, so that the whole community may benefit.

Combinations of the three freedoms must be possible, too. The Free Software Definition specifies a fourth freedom that combines the preceding two (distribute modified versions).

Copyleft ensures that the three freedoms will also hold for all derived works: I may only published derivative versions if I give all their users the same rights." (

Related Sections

Key Resources

Audio & Video

  1. Brian Newman on Online Distribution and Creative Licenses
  2. Eben Moglen on Document Licenses and GPL3 ; Eben Moglen on Open Licenses in a Web Services Era
  3. Joi Ito on Commons-based Licenses and Games
  4. Ragavan Srinivasan on Open Licenses in Education

Essays and Reports

* Report: Fred von Lohmann, A Better Way Forward: Voluntary Collective Licensing of Music File Sharing, April 2008 [1]

Licenses per Domain

Creativity, Art & Music

  1. Free Art License
  2. Free Music Public License ; Free Sheet Music License

Equity-based Licenses

  1. Common Good Public License
  2. Copyfarleft
  3. Ecopyleft
  4. Equitable Access Licensing
  5. Equitable Open Source
  6. Equity-based Licenses
  7. IANG License

Free Network Services

  1. Network Service Licenses

Open Design and Manufacturing / Hardware

  1. Open Design License Agreement
  2. Open Hardware Licenses
  3. TAPR Open Hardware License
  4. Talis Community License


  1. General Public License for Plant Germplasm

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