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About This Category

This category attempts some sense-making in the area of the Global Commons.

As the very definition of a Commons evolves and comes under scrutiny by more and more watchful eyes we are seeing the birth of new ideas and concepts that were previously applicable in local, regional, or sometimes even national settings re-contextualized and re-examined in the global context.

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At First Glance

What makes an initiative or other listing in this section Global? The hope is that there will be further conversation about this topic!

The last 50 years has seen the beginnings of a myriad of conversations around how we sort and sift the interconnected whole that is the planet Earth. Every method for systematically breaking down the whole of the planet into constituent parts seems a bit doomed to failure on some level, and at the same time humans are making extraordinary efforts to wrap their arms around the territory, the problems, and the solutions.

While the conversation is, in some ways, still in it's infancy, the solutions and institutions that are at the forefront do have a lot of interesting ideas, and some of them are digging into application by connecting producers, sovereigns, and consumers.

Qualifications for P2P Approaches and the Global Commons

What makes a Global Approach a P2P approach? Is there a way to look at an approach that might help us to understand this question, and how we can use the information we find?

Inside this category you will find links to a number of different types of entities. In some case you will find institutions working on the commons at an international level, as well as pages that look at specific aspects of P2P on a global scale.

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