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This is a new section to collate our resources related to place, geography, both physical and digital (i.e. cyber-mapping, etc...)

  • We conceive of Land and Food as a Commons:
  1. Land as Commons
  2. Food as Common and Community

Steve Bosserman sees Localization occuring in four key domains:

1) affordable / green construction, 2) 100-mile agricultural production, 3) renewable / distributed energy generation 4) community governance / capacity building.

(status of this section: We have only ported the 6 first columns of our Encyclopedia, from A to G at present.)


Towards the hyperlocal

"The decisive paradigm from the age of mass production was culminating in the claim "think global - act local" - the view of international brands and enterprises, conquering markets worldwide and batteling with salesforces for the dominance in each region on a global scale.

The emerging paradigm from the coming age of connectivity shows a totally opposite point of view, expressed by individuals with the claim "think global-act hyperlocal"."

- Reinhard Knobelspies [1]

On Localization

  1. Measures for Relocalization and Reruralization, 2 times four essential policy principles, as proposed by Mariarosa Dalla Costa


Key Articles

Digital geography for human emancipation:

  1. A Digital Geography Manifesto: 10 principles
  2. The Emergence of Populist Cartography and Countermapping. Jeremy W. Crampton on how cartography has escaped the elites.
  3. Creating maps for everyone and network effects for the data driving them. Sean Gorman
  4. The rise of the sensor citizen – community mapping projects and locative media. Anne Galloway
  5. Essay: Dan Hill. The Street as Platform: explores a cross-section of all the ways that urban environments have become suffused with data.


  1. Linked Geographies. Stefaan Verhulst on what happens when maps meets hyperlinking.
  2. The geospatial web – blending physical and virtual spaces. Arno Scharl
  3. Collapsing Geography: on Second Life, Innovation, and the Future of National Power. By Cory Ondrejka.
  4. Web mapping vs. GIS. Andrew Turner.
  5. Nainamo, the capital of Google Earth, at,8599,1720932,00.html

On localization:

  1. Flaws in the theory of globalization

Key Blogs

  1. Making Maps
  2. Straight To The Point: Location based technology, local content services, and new developments in local media and journalism, including lots of geo and mapping info.
  3. The Metacarta blog
  4. The Y!Geo blog for Yahoo mapping developments
  5. The Google Earth blog
  6. The Digital Geographer: All things digital and geographic. By Jonathan Raper.
  7. Mapperz: Map and GIS News finding blog...

Key Books

  1. Introduction to Neogeography. Andrew Turner.
  2. Making Maps. John Krygier and Denis Wood.
  3. Rethinking the Power of Maps. By Denis Wood,John Fels and John Krygier

Key Conferences

  1. State of the Map: annual conferences for the Open Street Map communities
  2. Where 2.0

Key projects

  1. Open Street Map

Key Resources

  1. Open Source GIS: an attempt to build a complete index of Open Source / Free GIS related software projects
  2. Aether reviews the geography of media
  3. Issue 21 of Receiver magazine discusses geowebbing, i.e. personally annotating physical places with digital markers
  4. The March 2009 issue of OSBR is dedicated to geospatial developments


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