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Economics is a vast field, (see e.g. Wikipedia: Economics) of which only limited sub-fields are relevant to P2P and the Commons. The Economics category here includes our sub-categories of Commons Economics; Circular Economy‎; Collaborative Economy‎; Commons Economics‎; Community Economics‎; EthicalEconomy‎; Solidarity Economy‎; along with other material that is relevant to P2P economics more generally.

For an overview of much of the large amount of relevant material on this wiki, see Introduction to the P2P Foundation Wiki Material about Economics.

Key Quotes

Tim Jackson: (2016)

"I have come to believe that building an economy that works is a precise, definable, pragmatic and meaningful task.

  • Enterprise as service,
  • work as participation,
  • investment as a commitment to the future and
  • money as a social good:

these four principles provide the foundations for a profound and much-needed transformation of society." [1]

See also Introduction to the P2P Foundation Wiki Material about Economics#Quotes

Key Concepts of This Category

Wikipedia suggests that Economics is "the social science that studies the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services." The fundamental key concept to grasp for P2P and the Commons is that much mainstream economics is of little use in the world envisaged after a Commons Transition. Indeed, much of mainstream economics points us in what we see as the wrong direction. Hence there is much critique in these pages of established economic theory.

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