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= Commons-oriented, P2P-driven, open source initiatives to help combat the outbreak of Covid-19

ATTENTION, this is the PRIORITY now for the open source, p2p-peer production, commons-oriented movements: physical distancing is only a mitigation and flow management tactic and does not eradicate the virus; what is need for that is mass testing capabilities, as practiced successfully in several East Asian countries:

General Context

Key insights

  • Physical distancing only mitigates the rate of infection. Mass testing, and industrial mobilization, is the only thing that can actually really suppress it. [1]


See below in the Encyclopedia, but also:


  • Covid Risk, app: "an app to collect and track risks of infection at the individual level, using Bluetooth and GPS data, while (miraculously) safeguarding privacy. []




Policies (laws and proposals)

Actual policies, voted or discussed in parliaments


By Topic

Business and Labor Support


Mental Health Resources

  • Corona virus anxiety: "Resources for anxiety and your mental health in a global climate of uncertainty". [2]

Mitigation Strategies

The successful ones so far

Mutual Aid

  • Next Door: "I find good ol' Next Door App to be helpful if you want to offer your own services or look for help." [3]

By Country



  • Intellihelp: "Cohesive, no-nonsense support community connecting those needing help with those who can give it."


For particular places and communities

  • Ann Arbor: the Kekere Emergency Childcare Collective has formed as a response to Coronavirus related school closures. The group is striving to organize mutual aid childcare for families

Policy (debates and interventions)

  • The Covid19 Emergency Is a Green One: A message to European finance ministers to double down on European Green Deal as the economic response to the Corona-pandemic. By Sandrine Dixson-Declève, Hunter Lovins, Kate Raworth, Hans Joachim Schellnhuber. Club of Rome, 20/3/2020
  • The Economic Case for Post-Corona Low-carbon Development: "pursuing low-carbon and climate-resilient growth is the best way to unlock lasting economic and social benefits. Bold climate action could deliver at least $26 trillion in net global economic benefits between now and 2030 compared with business-as-usual according to the New Climate Economy"

Social Inequality

Specialized Topics



By Country

  • UK: Call for a Post-Pandemic Plan: Adam Lent argues we need to start thinking now about a post-pandemic plan focused on building stronger communities and a resilient economy.

Solidarity Economy / Social Economy / Cooperatives

By Language and Country

Asian Countries




  • Hack Corona [5]: Dutch Hacking Health initiative
  • Molecular Modelling Project Wetenschappelijk onderzoek (drug discovery corona) [6]





  • More than 500 @CovidAidUK community support groups spring up as neighbours offer support during Coronavirus outbreak.' [8]
  • Covid 19 Mutual Aid Groups (UK), 931 listed on google doc [9]


  • Covid-19 Financial Solidarity, Oakland, US: " inspiring prototype out of Oakland that has facilitated hundreds of financial transactions to those disproportionately impacted: [10]
  • San Diego (county-wide) COVID-19 Mutual Aid Volunteer [11]
  • How Can I Help? - SF Bay Area [12]


"Il n’y aura pas de « sortie de crise » sans un bouleversement majeur de l’organisation sociale et économique actuelle"


  • Code-Virus: "constitution d’un collectif de travail interdisciplinaire en sciences humaines et sociales CODE-VIRUS (Coordination interDisciplinaire pour l’Etude de l’impact sociétal du CoronaVIRUS) . Objectif : Suivre, documenter et anticiper collectivement et de manière interdisciplinaire les conséquences de la pandémie de Coronavirus sur nos modes de vie, nos organisations et nos territoires" [13]. Contact : [email protected]


  • La Plateforme de Microbiologie Mutualisée (P2M) est ouverte à l’ensemble des laboratoires de référence de l’Institut Pasteur, à Paris et dans le Réseau International. Dans un esprit de mutualisation technologique, P2M regroupe les demandes et permet ainsi l’utilisation en routine, jusqu’ici impossible du séquençage à haut débit multi-pathogènes (NGS par les technologies illumina et Ion Torrent). [14]
  • OpenCOVID19-fr: Organisation informelle issue de la société civile dont l'objet est de consolider des données et de proposer des outils de visualisation concernant l'épidémie de COVID19 en France. [15]

Initiatives limitees a un lieu particulier :

(via Pierre PP)

  1. Paris :

Reseaux Sociaux :

  1. Covid-entraide infos France a des groupes facebook et telegram :
  2. Dont le groupe Coronavirus - Infos pratiques :
  3. Marie covid 19 infos :


  • Covid-19 aide communautaire Montreal fb ; [Covid-19 aide communautaire Montreal [16]



Spanish Language

  • Peer/citizen produced guides to cope with the virus. Social innovation and civic resilience for pandemic times. [17]
  • The super-neighborhood ( app Is working overtime during the Corona crisis in Spain and Portugal


See the overview maintained by Appropedia at

  • CivicTechHub lists international grassroots movements, bringing together individuals, organisations and governments. We are using open data and encourage open collaboration globally [18]

* Coronavirus Tech Handbook

By Country

Tech Events / Hackatons

3D Printing




By Country

  1. Chile: Hack The Pandemic N95 masks, Copper3D,
  2. Croatia: Face Shield,
  3. Hong Kong:
  4. Spain: A network of makers with 3-D printers R supplying Reina Sofia Hospital in Cordoba, Spain with masks


  1. Masques : une ligne de production solidaire se met en place à Bruxelles
  2. Maak Je Mond Masker ;
  3. Faites Votre Masque Buccal

Research Papers

  1. Oliveira, Mileny Ximenes, Capistrano, Amilton dos Reis, Rosa, Suélia de Siqueira Rodrigues Fleury, Silva, José Felício, Rocha, Adson Ferreira da, & Carvalho, Hervaldo Sampaio. (2014). Control system for continuous positive airway pressure. Revista Brasileira de Engenharia Biomédica, 30(2), 102-113.


  1. Farré, R., Montserrat, J. M., Solana, G., Gozal, D., & Navajas, D. (2019). Easy-to-build and affordable continuous positive airway pressure CPAP device for adult patients in low-income countries. European Respiratory Journal, 53(5).


Medical Supplies

See the FAQ on Making Safe Medical Devices for the COVID-19 Crisis ; Summary of Open Source Designs and Projects To Fight the Covid-19 Outbreak

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Safety for medical personnel

Testing Kits

ATTENTION, this is the PRIORITY now for the open source, p2p-peer production, commons-oriented movements: physical distancing is only a mitigation and flow management tactic and does not eradicate the virus; what is need for that is mass testing capabilities, as practiced successfully in several East Asian countries:

By Country


See: Open Source Ventilator

  • many technical details and requirements in this recent google doc: [21]



  • Code Life Ventilator Challenge: "To design a low-cost, simple, easy-to-use and easy-to-build ventilator that can serve the COVID patients, in an emergency timeframe."

By country


  1. Oxygen Emergency Respirator
  2. Reespirator 23 (Reesistencia Team)

Research Papers

  • Design and Prototyping of a Low-cost Portable Mechanical Ventilator. By Abdul Mohsen Al Husseini. Proceedings of the 2010 Design of Medical Devices Conference DMD2010, April 13-15, 2010, Minneapolis, MN, USA [26]


By Country


What is changing in post-corona times ?


  • French educators are learning from each other how to do post-presence learning and teaching [27]


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