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In this new section, started in December 2016, we will start compiling policy proposals that are specifically oriented around commons, starting with the material of the European Commons Assembly.


Five Basic Design Principles for the Urban Commons

Christian Iaione and Sheila Foster:

"We have distilled five key design principles for the urban commons:

  • Principle 1: Collective governance refers to the presence of a multi-stakeholder governance scheme whereby the community emerges as an actor and partners up with at least three different urban actors
  • Principle 2: Enabling State expresses the role of the State in facilitating the creation of urban commons and supporting collective action arrangements for the management and sustainability of the urban commons.
  • Principle 3: Social and Economic Pooling refers to the presence of different forms of resource pooling and cooperation between five possible actors in the urban environment
  • Principle 4: Experimentalism is the presence of an adaptive and iterative approach to designing the legal processes and institutions that govern urban commons.
  • Principle 5: Tech Justice highlights access to technology, the presence of digital infrastructure, and open data protocols as an enabling driver of collaboration and the creation of urban commons."


Status of city-based commons transitions

  • In several French cities, commoners have organized Assemblies and Chambers of the Commons
  • The Commons Transition plan for the City of Ghent was crafted in 2017. See for the official dutch version: [1]

For context, see our P2P Foundation Report: Changing Societies through Urban Commons Transitions. By Michel Bauwens and Vasilis Niaros. P2P Foundation and Heinrich Boll Foundation, 2017 [2] This is a more reflexive document on the experience in Ghent, with chapter 3 focusing on Ghent itself.

  • Amsterdam is working with De Meent and Commons Network on a commons transition for the city
  • The city of Seoul is in the process of inquiring how to move from the paradigm of a sharing city, to that of a commons city. Activities may be planned for 2020.

Key Resources

Key Books

  • Plunder of the Commons: A Manifesto for Sharing Public Wealth. By Guy Standing. Penguin / Pelican Books, 2019 [3]

Key Policy Proposals

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