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The Introduction to the P2P Foundation Wiki Material about the Collaborative Economy compiled by Michel Bauwens gives a wide selection of references, typologies, and links to other articles.

It is difficult to define the concept of the Collaborative Economy in any precise way (see: Collaborative Economy - Concept), so this section has very broad source material about the connection between economic practice and collaborative practice; the concept emerged in the years 2012-2013, and peaked in 2016.

See also our Category: Sharing (concept: Sharing Economy) which is about more specific practices where previously idle resources are shared and exchanged over platforms.

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Related Categories

  • The Collaborative Economy is naturally involved with the Category: Commons and thus related to Category: Commons Economics
  • The Ethical Economy focus on the work of scholar Adam Arviddson and more generally about economic practices that are intentionally geared towards ethical goals.
  • The Circular Economy which is not necessarily collaborative, aims to use the outpunt of one industrial output as resources for another, thereby minimizing waste and the use of natural resources.
  • The Solidarity Economy is a specific practice that integrates the social and political goal of human solidarity.
  • The Category: Sharing includes the Sharing Economy, another overlapping but not identical concept.

For more theoretical background and understanding, see our sections on:

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