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Books that relate to peer to peer; the open paradigm; and the Commons. Feel free to add your own reviews.

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The Top 20 Books on Peer to Peer

On Peer Production in general

  1. The Wealth of Networks. Yochai Benkler.
  2. The Success of Open Source. Steve Weber.
  3. Democratizing Innovation. Erik von Hippel.
  4. Wikinomics. Don Tapscott.
  5. From Production to Produsage. Axel Bruns. (see the article on Produsage)
  6. Here Comes Everybody. Clay Shirky.
  7. Nowtopia: How Pirate Programmers, Outlaw Bicyclists, and Vacant-lot Gardeners are Inventing the Future Today. Chris Carlsson. AK Press, 2008


  1. The Pirate's Dilemma. Matt Mason.
  2. Capitalism 3.0. Peter Barnes.
  3. Hacking Capitalism. Johan Soderbergh
  4. The Long Tail. Chris Anderson.
  5. The Wisdom of Crowds. James Surowiecki.

On Free and Open Source Software production and philosophy specifically

  1. The Success of Open Source. Steven Weber.
  2. The Cathedral and the Bazaar. Eric Raymond.
  3. Open Life. Henrik Ingo.
  4. Perspectives on Free and Open Source Software. An MIT reader, 2005
  5. Hacking Capitalism. Johan Soderbergh.
  6. Decoding Liberation

On P2P Governance

  1. The Future of the Internet - and how to stop it. Jonathan Zittrain on protecting a free and Generative Internet
    1. The Success of Open Source. Steven Weber on the governance of open source communities

On P2P Management and Leadership

  1. The Myth of Leadership. Jeffrey Nielsen.
  2. The Hacker Ethic. Pekka Himanen.
  3. The Play Ethic. Pat Kane.

On Political and Social Change

  1. The Hacker Manifesto. McKenzie Wark.
  2. Cyber Marx. Nick Dyer-Whiteford.
  3. Protocoland The Exploit: How Control Exists after Decentralization. Alexander Galloway et al.
  4. Gramsci is Dead. Richard Day.
  5. Code 2.0. Lawrence Lessig.

On the political implications of the hacker and free software movements:

  1. Johan Soderbergh: Hacking Capitalism
  2. Decoding Liberation
  3. Christopher Kely. Two Bits, on the strategy of Recursive Publics
  4. Abstract Activism. Otto von Busch and Karl Palmås.

On the networked alterglobalization movement:

  1. Networking Futures. Jeffrey Juris, 'the bible of the autonomous movements'


  1. The Coming Dark Age: recommended!
  2. Theory of Power. By Jack Vail.
  3. Momentum. Allison H. Fine
  4. Garden World. Doug Carmichael.

On P2P Culture

  1. Smart Mobs. Howard Rheingold
  2. The Play Ethic. By Pat Kane.
  3. Hacker Ethic. Pekka Himanen.
  4. Knowing Knowledge. George Siemens.
  5. Open Culture and the Nature of Networks. Ed. by Felix Stalder.
  6. Slow Living. Wency Parkins and Geoffrey Craig.
  7. Understanding Knowledge as Commons. Eleanor Ostrom et al.

On P2P Economics

  1. Christian Siefkes: From Exchange to Contributions: alternative proposal for an effort-sharing/task-auctioning based system of organizing the economy

Books Recommended by Dave Pollard on Ecological and community-based economics:

  1. Herman Daly on Steady-State Economics
  2. Roger Douthwaite's Short Circuit, a blueprint for a community-based economy
  3. Thomas Princen explains why we need to evolve to a Logic of Sufficiency
  4. Peter Brown: The Commonwealth of Life

On P2P Education

  1. Opening Up Education: The Collective Advancement of Education through Open Technology, Open Content, and Open Knowledge. Editors Toru Iiyoshi and M. S. Vijay Kumar. MIT Press, 2008
  2. Knowing Knowledge. By George Siemens. An exploration of participative learning.
  3. Everything is Miscellaneous. By David Weinberger. How we are changing the way we organize knowledge.
  4. Learning Networks. Linda Harasim et al.

On P2P Spirituality

  1. Participatory Spirituality - A Farewell to Authoritarian Religion. By John Heron.
  2. Digital Dharma. Steven Vedro.

Other Recommended Books

Practical How To Books

Future of Web Video

Wireless Networking in the Developing World

Momentum (guide for social activists)

Also of note

The Ascent of Humanity

The Alphabet versus the Goddess

Ambient Findability

The Participatory Mind

The Spiritual Imperative

Three Ways of Getting Things Done

Online Books, including books-in-progress

Gamer Theory

LETSaholic Twist

Participatory Spirituality - A Farewell to Authoritarian Religion. By John Heron.

People and Participation

We Are Smarter

We Think. Charles Leadbeater.

Winning by Sharing

Older Classics that are available online

The Natural Economic Order. By Silvio Gesell.

The New State. Mary Parker Follet.

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While by no means identical to the P2P Foundation approach, this booklist on left-libertarianism is of interest, as it refers to traditions aiming to marry liberty and equality.

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