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A personal category by Michel Bauwens, so this section is exceptionally not limited to p2p/commons topics, but is part of the context of the creation of the P2P Foundation, by given access to the sources which contributed to P2P Theory. When I read books, I take notes in written diaries. I started doing this more or less in 2003 and read, way to slowly nowadays, about 10-12 books a year. I also take bibliograpic notes when authors and books are mentioned. This is a record of these reading notes, starting with my first diary in 2003. These booknotes are meant to be high-flying intellectual critiques. The notes were just notes to myself, as a reminder of what I have read. Early on, I would write my notes after reading them, so they are short overviews. As time went on, I would start writing all the things I learned in a particular book, in more detail. So these notes will start getting longer as I proceed with the transcriptions. I expect to input at least 300 books, and will hopefully finish by the end of 2021.

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