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This new section will cover p2p-oriented and relocalization trends in agriculture and food production.

We are in the process of porting the related articles from our Ecology section. First column done so far.

For a closer watch of these developments, see our delicious tags:

  1. P2P-Agriculture
  2. P2P-Food



Key Articles and Essays

  1. Jan Douwe van de Ploeg: Reconstitution of the Peasantry in the 21st Century


  1. Five innovations for urban gardening

Key Books

  1. The Ecological Revolution – Making Peace with the Planet. John Bellamy Foster, Monthly Review Press, New York, 2009, 288 pp [1]
  2. Food rebellions! Crisis and the Hunger for Justice. Eric Holt-Giménez and Raj Patel, Pambazuka Press, Cape Town, Dakar, Nairobi and Oxford, 2009 [2]
  3. Terra Madre: Forging a New Global Network of Sustainable Food Communities. Carlo Petrini. Chelsea Green Publishing, 2010. [3]

Policy guide:

  • The Future Control of Food. A Guide to International Negotiations and Rules on Intellectual Property, Biodiversity and Food Security. Edited By Geoff Tansey and Tasmin Rajotte. IDRC, 2010 [4] : “This book is the first wide-ranging guide to the key issues of intellectual property and ownership, genetics, biodiversity and food security."

Key Movements

  1. Slow Food
  2. Terra Madre Network

Key Policy Documents

  1. Measures for Relocalization and Reruralization, 2 times four essential policy principles, as proposed by Mariarosa Dalla Costa
  2. Report: “Our Water Commons, Towards a New Freshwater Narrative” by Maude Barlow [5]
  3. Report: Who Owns Nature? Corporate Power and the Final Frontier in the Commodification of Life. ETC Group, 2008. [6]. Implications of commodifying Synthetic Biology
  4. Policy propositions for sustaining food & farming systems, for Victoria, Australia
  5. Grain: Five key steps towards a food system that can address climate change and the food crisis

Key Webcasts

  • Dirt!: excellent documentary

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