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January 2012

* Ten Peer_Production_Patterns. Stefan Meretz. Part 1, Pattern 1 to 5 - January 20, 2012 * Ten Peer_Production_Patterns. Stefan Meretz. Part 2. Pattern 6 to 10 - January 22, 2012 * The Networked Future of Urban Agriculture. Nevin Cohen. In special issue: Hacking_the_Food_System. - January 24, 2012 * Michael Gurstein: On the Failure to Measure the Contributions of the Internet Economy - January 26, 2012 * How the OccupyWallStreet Movement is Evolving from Networked Individualism to Empowered Communities - January 28, 2012

* Occupy Wall Street as a Culture Change Movement. William Gamson. - February 2, 2012 * Collective Sense-Making as Negotiated Agreement. Harold jarche - February 4, 2012

All January is Done

February 2012


* Should we go back to the Public Creation of Money? * Why Localization is Inevitable in a Resource-Scarce World * Product-Centered Business Supply Chain Development vs People-Centered Business Network Ecosystem Development,use title: Towards People-Centered Business Ecosystems

March 2012

* Piracy as Marketing: "Piracy is the new radio" * Open Market Sustainability * Is There Such a Thing as Ethical Capitalism? * Openness Undermines Advertizing * Four Stages of Temporal-Spatial Organization in Human History. Jason F. McLennan. * How the Law Is Used To Stifle the Sharing Economy. Chris Laroche. * Is Peer Production a Real Mode of Production?

* Qualitative Easing Through Stock Issuance * Exploring the Emergence of the Cyberhero Archetype * Why the Occupy Movement Represents a New Politics * * Reproducible Science Needs Open Source Software‎ * * Facilitating Smarter Crowds for Stronger Networked Commons * We the Web Kids. Piotr Czerski. We, the Web Kids. (translated by Marta Szreder) * Jean Lievens on the P2P Revolution in Media * From Open Source to Open Sourcing Digital Medical Devices. Glyn Moody * Get Rid of Banks and Build Up a Modern Financial World * Reconfiguring Education for the User-Led Age * Notes on Spiritual Leadership and Relational Spirituality. John Heron.

To Do:

April 2012

June 2012