Bibliography on Taxation Alternatives for the 21st Century

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The original has links to the listed material.


  • The Natural Wealth of Nations, Worldwatch Institute, David Roodman;
  • Tax Shift, Northwest Environment Watch, Alan Durning & Yoram Bauman;
  • Taxed out of Work and Wealth, Nicolaus Tideman & Florenz Plassman;
  • An Inventory of Rent-Yielding Resources, Mason Gaffney;
  • The Losses of Nations, Institute for Land Policy, Fred Harrison;
  • A Citizens Guide to Environmental Tax Shifting, Friends of the Earth;
  • Global Public Goods, edited by Inge Kaul, Isabelle Grunberg, Marc A. Stern;
  • "Brazil: The Meek Want the Earth Now," Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, Fabio L.S. Petrarolpha;
  • The United Nations: Policy and Financing Alternatives, edited by Harlan Cleveland, Hazel Henderson, Inge Kaul;
  • "UNDP at Crossroads," Earth Times, C. Gerald Fraser;
  • Planet Champions, Jack Yost;
  • UN Habitat II Action Agenda;
  • Third World Intervention: A New Analysis, David Smiley;
  • Factor 10 Club Carnoules Declaration, Wuppertal Institute and Overseas Development Institute, Michael Carley & Philippe Spapens;
  • Sharing the World, Anil Agarwal & Sunita Narain;
  • Privatizing Nature: Political Struggles for the Global Commons, Michael Goldman;
  • The Pollution Dividend, Peter Barnes;
  • How the Other Half Dies, Susan George;
  • Ecological Tax Reform, Hanno Beck in Land Value Taxation edited by Kenneth Wenzer;
  • Harnessing the Tax Code for Environmental Protection, State Tax Notes, J. Andrew Hoerner;
  • "Stateless Corporations: Lords of the Global Economy," The Nation, Richard J. Barnet;
  • Tax Reform Follies, Dollars & Sense, Chuck Collins & John Miller;
  • "The Eagle Dies on Friday," Utne Reader, David Brauer;
  • Tax Waste Not Work, Redefining Progress, M. Jeff Hammond;
  • Benefits and Taxes, New Economics Foundation, James Robertson.