Bibliography of the Triple C Debate between P2P Theory and Marxist Critics

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The critics

  • Meretz, S. 2014. Socialist licenses? A rejoinder to Michel Bauwens and Vasilis Kostakis.

TripleC 12 (1): 362–65

  • Rigi, J. 2014. The coming revolution of peer production and revolutionary cooperatives. A response to Michel Bauwens, Vasilis Kostakis and Stefan Meretz. TripleC 12 (1): 390–404


Vangelis Papadimitropoulos provides a good and fair summary of the debate at:

* Article: Reflections on the Contradictions of the Commons. By Vangelis Papadimitropoulos. Review of Radical Political Economics, 2018, Vol. 50(2) 317–331