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* In Portuguese: [[Barca dols Livros - BR]]
* In Portuguese: [[Barca dols Livros - BR]]
[[Category:Brazil P2P WikiSprint]]
[[Category:Brazil P2P WikiSprint]]

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= Brazilian community-participation oriented libraries like this are increasingly using participatory process with important commons output.

URL = http://barcadoslivros.org/


Florianópolis - Santa Catarina, Brazil "http://barcadoslivros.org/

The activities to promote and encourage reading currently have extensive and routine space on Barca Library of Books. Every month occur workshops, soirees, narrations of stories, poetry, reading aloud in high, meeting with authors and illustrators and guided readings.

Programs are directed primarily to the creation of new readers, expansion of knowledge and learning based on the literature and in various information sources, intensifying especially in children and young people the process of self-discovery and conquest of cultural goods, from narrated experiences / experienced by the characters.

These activities are offered free or at a very low cost to its participants, which meets the Library's proposal to democratize access to knowledge for the community and area residents.

The main objective of the program is the expansion of opportunities for encounter between the literary text and the reader, necessary for the formation of the reader of any age.

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