Athina Karatzogianni on Wikipedia’s Impact on the Global Power-Knowledge Hierarchies

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"One of the most significant changes in the global political system is network forms of organization, mobilization, knowledge production and resistance witnessed in social movements, peer production and open collaborative systems boosting innovation and creativity in stems and nodes of all of our systems. In this environment, wikipedia, and similar endeavors, provide a blueprint, and also a battleground for dominance in our global political consciousness. This blueprint/battleground has internal conflicts, competitors within the open software movement and external others in the overall business of knowledge production. The threat is not wikipedia's content, and indeed the battle of edit wars is futile. The threat and promise of Wikipedia and open knowledge production is not an alternative knowledge production, but an alternative to knowledge production. In turn, the threat to Wikipedia and the wider peer production movement is the inability to transfer virtual political practices to the physical world in a coherent way, conscious of other movements, networks and successful practices outside the technopower elite."