Association of Peer to Peer Researchers

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Draft page for working group. Under construction.

Potential Core Members

  1. Adam Arvidsson, [email protected]
  2. Yuwei Lin, [email protected]
  3. Paul Hartzog, [email protected]
  4. Dr Athina Karatzogianni, University of Hull, athina.k at
  5. Cosma Orsi. Roskilde University Centre, [email protected]
  6. Tere Vadén, [email protected]
  7. Ned Rossiter, [email protected]
  8. Dr Phoebe Moore, [email protected]
  9. George Dafermos. TU Delf, [email protected]
  10. Johan Söderberg. Hacking Capitalism, [email protected]
  11. Hervé Le Crosnier, [email protected]



  1. Stefan Merten Oekonux, [email protected]
  2. Richard Adler, Oort-Cloud, [email protected]
  3. Henrik Ingo, [email protected]
  4. Sam Rose, [email protected]