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Representational Mechanisms

"Many people have said: ‘This isn’t Anonymous at all. How can you have a party without leaders?’ My answer is swift: The Internet. Our party will be open source, and reliant on humanities greatest tool to keep it that way. Our candidates, senators, MP’s, ministers and, one can only hope, premiers and un prezidentes, will not be leaders at all, merely our puppets. The actions of party official’s and the structure of the organisation will be totally transparent and watched closely by Anonymous Party members from all corners of the Earth. Our official puppets will follow the Anonymous consensus, for example they won’t vote in a direction unless Anons are voting in that direction on their websites or they might not make a speech unless the transcript has more likes than dislikes. See where I’m getting at? If our representative’s act in a way that Anon’s disagree with, everyone will ensure they are removed from their place in the party and replaced. (