A Day with Bauwens

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As you may already know, the Escola dels Commons is a group of academics and practitioners built around the interested in jointly exploring the field. The group has held regular meetings since its creation 18 months ago, and is hosted by the IGOP (Institute of Public Governance from the Universitat de Barcelona) directed by Joan Subirats.

The program we thought for this "a day with Michel Bauwens" is the following:

- Day: 20 /30 people / invitation

An initial introduction by you around the state of the art and regional differences. Discussion.

Three thematic workshops. Mayo and myself will come back with more detail; thought on constructing around participants questions provided in advance, or asking some members to provide for input, still exploring, your experience welcome.

- Evening: 18.30h pm. Open conference around "State partner // commons and politics". max 100 px.

The very active Amical Viquipedia (Catalan Wikipedia Association) and the recently created Spanish Chapter of the OKFN to whom some of us belong as well will be asked to provide technical help for the event.