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= a Global Governmental Grassroots Organisation


"The United Transnational Republics (UTNR) is the first known “3GO”: a Global Governmental Grassroots Organisation working towards the democratisation of the globalised world we find ourselves in:

Democracy as we know it since the last two centuries only takes place within nation-states. At the same time globalisation happens globally, outside of national definitions, legislation or agreements.

Obviously, there is no democratic representation of the individual on a transnational, global level. This leads to inherently undemocratic processes within globalisation. Currently, outside of the nation-states only consumer and national interests are being represented. Unfortunately, both our national as well as our consumer interests are in conflict with our global interest: the preservation of our environment, world peace, establishment of transnational legislation etc…

In order to realise democracy on a global level, the current political system needs to be expanded by one additional federal layer of representation: Citizen of a city, of a country, of a Transnational Republic.

In this system all citizens of the world will be represented by their Transnational Republic of choice; together, the various Transnational Republics are forming The United Transnational Republics, where they are representing their citizens’ transnational interests – just as the various nation-states are assembling into The United Nations representing national interest.

Currently, the First Transnational Republic has around 5.000 citizens from 100 nation-states." (http://www.utnr.net/global-governance/)


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