[p2p-research] Suggestions wanted for education to p2p practices and attitude

M. Fioretti mfioretti at nexaima.net
Thu Oct 29 07:48:25 CET 2009


here's a question: if you were preparing a proposal for education in
the 6-12 years age range, what would you write in it in order to
educate the children to a p2p-like attitude and practice with respect
to nutrition, (self) healthcare, protection of the environment? I
mean, what do you think the children should learn and how? Which
practices? Which success and failure stories (please let's keep in
mind the age range, that is use only simple examples in limited time,
only suggest things/activities that children that age may do
personally, etc...!)  should they know?

Context: I am preparing a talk which should also touch the theme
above, and hopefully there will also be space for examples from other
parts of the world. Right after the event the talk will be published
with a CC license at http://mfioretti.com .

Sorry for vagueness, but my schedule for the next days changed without
notice this morning (nothing bad) so I have to leave the computer
right now and don't know how much I'll be at home in the next hours/

Thank you in advance for any feedback

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