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Tomas Rawlings tom at fluffylogic.net
Mon Nov 30 15:30:17 CET 2009

> How is this a "different side" of p2p, exactly? Freenet seems to me to
> be a p2p network like any other, though I suppose you could say that it
> isn't "pure" p2p or something because it is sometimes f2f.
> Using peer-to-peer networks for privacy and anonymity seems to be a very
> common side of p2p, though that may just be my perspective...
Freenet seems to me the application of p2p technology from just the 
exchange of data sporadically to the whole infrastructure of the net; 
for example the idea of distributed hosted web-sites.

I broadly agree with the discussion of freedom of speech and it's 
abuses/limits - but what technologies like Freenet offer is the 
decentralisation of the decisions of what constitutes free-speech.  So 
in Burma, the junta decide what it is, whereas if they can't control it, 
then there is more of a sense of the society al large deciding by their 
participation/non-participate in content creation/consumption.


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