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Solidarity necessary
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 Hi all, Dear Commoners,

This week the "*Solidarity University*  (Kritische und Solidarische
Universität   KriSU) will open in *Vienna, Austria*. The kind of rooms the
Solidarity University will use, its working program and the reasons for its
necessity are explained in the petition below. Rooms that are vacant since
several years and for which no plan to use exists on the part of the owners
will be used by us   a couple of university employees, workers and students
engaged in the Austrian students protests which are already well known
internationally for their dynamic movement.

 The opening of the Solidarity University is urgent. We kindly ask you to
support the opening of the Solidarity University. *Please indicate your
support by Email or a phone call (0049 699 12723887)*. All declarations of
solidarity with our project will be released en bloc as soon as the
Solidarity University opens its gates. After the opening, you can submit
your declaration personally online. We hope that you support this very
important cause for the international students movement and revolts and ask
you to* send us a reply VERY SOON*

 Petition "Solidarity with the Solidarity University  in Vienna, Austria

 The social, ecological and economic crisis of the current form of society
makes  business as usual  a menace. Mass unemployment and poverty will rise,
climate change can hardly be stopped, the growth economy reaches its limits.
The university has supported this development for which it is responsible as
well as many other instutions. University failed as an institution for
critical reflection   because it is financed by a society which has no
interest in such activities. Thus, university interpreted the world, while
neoliberalism changed the world according to the market dogma, leading it
into a crisis without precedence.

 This development must be countered by another type of academic praxis,
which is not oriented towards competitiveness, economic growth as an end in
itself and the conditioning of students for the labor market. This
alternative praxis does not orient itself towards impact points, academic
carriers and the acquisition of third-party-funds. The Solidarity University
aims at the creation of autonomous spaces, in order to analyze the
embeddedness of university in capitalist valorization processes, to question
societal hierarchies und build the basis of a Solidarity Economy   a
Solidarity Economy, that makes the massive wealth of our global society that
is potentially available the real wealth of the masses and which does not
develop under the premises of poverty and misery of the many; a Solidarity
Economy, which is based on the natural commons of our lives, cultivating and
multiplying them.

 A Solidarity University cannot start in the framework of the actual
university. Thus, we need

   - autonomous room for the critical thinking and the creation of new forms
   of knowledge
    - autonomous room in order to enable students to be creative and
   experiment without coercion
   - autonomous room to make all interested people students
   - autonomous room in order to bring together different social groups  
   wage laborers, men and women working at home, critical teachers, children,
   artists, students, researchers, migrants etc.   and learn from them
   - autonomous room in order to change the current university apparatus
   - autonomous room in order to expand and support a Solidarity Economy
   built on self-management, democracy, community orientation and cooperation
   - autonomous room for the development of a perspective for students and
   non-students, that loosens the coercion to work for the sake of economic
   growth, competition and the market
   - autonomous room for a Solidarity Economy of education

A Solidarity University is a long-term project to change university and
society. In view of the urgent problems of the global crisis, it must start
without any further delay. The Solidarity University in Vienna will
revitalize rooms that are vacant since several years and for which no plan
to use exists. Here and now it makes a first step out of the crisis.

 Ist concept has 5 pillars:

 1. Lively integration and universitas of research, teaching and practice
2. Self-management, feminism, anti-racism, fight of anti-semitism
3. non-commercial character
4. autonomy from the state
5. Education for a Solidarity Economy and the creation of a Solidarity
Economy of education through research, mediation and development of self-
managed, community oriented and cooperative modes of production.

 I support the Solidarity University ( Kritische und Solidarische
Universität   KriSU ) in Vienna, Austria, I support its working program for
the vacant rooms it will put to use and I declare my solidarity with the
opening of the Solidarity University.


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