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Ryan Lanham rlanham1963 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 29 23:55:48 CET 2009

Hi Marco:

Google has a feature whereby I can define and send a canned response...I
have about 10 of them...these range from thank you for the receipt, be
advised I have it and will look forward to further communications, etc. to
Would you like to set up lunch sometime this week?  That way I don't have to
type these standard notes but can just pull them from a list...a feature I
use quite a lot.

"Canned" is English/US slang for standard or pre-set.  Canned music would be
pre-recorded standards played in a store, for instance.

Hope that makes it clearer.



On Sun, Nov 29, 2009 at 5:49 PM, M. Fioretti <mfioretti at nexaima.net> wrote:

> On Sun, November 29, 2009 11:43 pm, Ryan Lanham wrote:
> Ryan,
> thanks for the prompt and detailed answer. Only one question: what do you
> mean by this:
> > Fourth, it doesn't have a canned response feature native to it.  Google's
> > is easy and good.
> All your other points are clear to me, but this... I'm not sure I
> understand it.
> Thanks,
> Marco
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