[p2p-research] P2PU - Peer2PeerUniversity

Franz Nahrada f.nahrada at reflex.at
Sun Nov 29 20:38:21 CET 2009

"Mathieu O&#039;Neil" <mathieu.oneil at anu.edu.au> schreibt:
>Hi all
>Just re-saw this mail. Um, I suppose in a sense with the journal we are
>looking for high standards but at the same time the project is being
>transparently and collectively debated. There have been suggestions to
>open up the review process etc. As to the other side of the point - not
>sure to what extent this will boost anyone's career, my guess is not very
>much but I could be wrong...


thats beside the point. Of course this is not about career boosting - its
not a subject that will leave the university untouched. Maybe I am a
little bit sensitive here because I opted out of academics after finishing
my master degree (I really thought there is no perspective in academic
science) , and only after 7 years break started to resume serious
scientific work, trying to organize a bootstrap institute according to
Douglas Engelbarts model.

I hope that a p2p journal does acknowledge that there are research
structures outside universities that have a crucial role. For me there is
a "chinese glass wall" between formalized academic world and
self-determined research. I have no time going through formal procedures
any more and I feel I pay a bitter price for that.


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