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This is interesting (and great!).  What do you think it is (or would be
called)...a contract?  A...what?  In the world of organizations one would
have a partnership agreement which would be contractual.  Here it is more a

The point I am trying to get at is that this a sort of new P2P thing...like
a formal promise without legal weight.  I wonder if this is a general sort
of development in P2P organizations?

In open organizations and commons, there must be a capacity to plan and to
set expectations.  However, these are more promises than something that
binds.  Binding promises entail a certain ethos...or a reputation for
trust.  Could such an action occur rapidly and ad hoc without such locally
binding moments of trust?

Sorry, just having an organizational theory moment...and congratulations on
what seems a productive path and an innovative approach.


On Sat, Nov 28, 2009 at 10:41 PM, Samuel Rose <samuel.rose at gmail.com> wrote:

> This is a partnership between Future Forward Institute and Open Kollab
> This page is mirrored manually on these two wikis:
> Forward Foundation: http://holocene.cc/wagn/Pooled_Fund_Project
> Forward foundation: http://wiki.openkollab.com/wagn/Pooled_Fund_Project
> Notes on call Nov 28 2009
> Participants
> Suresh Fernando, Steve Bosserman, Sam Rose, Paul B Hartzog
> Pooled Fund Project Profile template is completed and ready to use on
> http://wiki.openkollab.com
> Timetable
> By Dec 20 2009
> 1. We profile networked projects so that Suresh and OpenKollab can
> leverage those profiles to move on to next stage in creating pooled
> fund
> 2. Sam works with Steve Bosserman and Greg Bolous to create a more
> detailed view/assessment of local ecologies/economies for NEO, Athens,
> Ohio, and Pittsburgh, PA. this detailed view will include suggestions
> for where investment of all types would currently be most effective,
> and will analyze/project the impact of commons-based and open systems.
> 3. Forward Foundation, Future Forward Institute, Open Kollab, P2P
> Foundation will collaborate on creating an ongoing research and
> development framework that capitalizes on all partner's current
> activities. Other partners will be welcome as well if their work is
> relevant immediately. These entities will partner on carrying out
> rollout strategy, which will be in place by Dec 20 2009, and targetted
> for a first iteration of Jan 20 2009, and monthly thereafter.  All
> work shall be done in the open when legally possible (ie on openly
> readable websites). All content and output shall be released under a
> CC BY-SA license or equivalent. By participating in this project you
> agree to these terms.
> 4. Periodically (at minimum bi-weekly) we shall update: Forward
> Foundation wagn, at least one Forward Foundation blog post, p2p
> foundation list and blog,
> http://localfoodsystems.org/sustainable-local-economic-development
> (list other target update networks here).
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