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Ryan Lanham rlanham1963 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 29 14:22:17 CET 2009

Presumably, this would cause approval to happen only once every few days

> or something like that, which would then strongly encourage people not
> to post such long messages, which is the point, isn't it?
Ted's point is well taken.  When we govern we are inclined to sticks rather
than carrots (to move the donkey).  However, we've all become accustomed
(through markets) to hate sticks.  We walk away from them.  So, norms become
best.  Norms are like manners (or manners are norms) in that we are subtly
guided toward correct behavior (which taken to an extreme becomes criticized
as "politically correct.")

I personally don't like to use sticks.  I don't even much care to use
carrots.  I prefer norms.  Norms can be communally agreed and published, but
that takes leadership.  In a P2P environment, leadership is open.  Anyone
who cares to norm us need only make the case that norms would serve all
better than the status quo.  Inevitably from our own perspectives we can see
a better world.  The key comes in convincing others...politics.  Norms are
politics and P2P is perhaps the most political theory of economics yet to
come along.

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