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This is a partnership between Future Forward Institute and Open Kollab

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Notes on call Nov 28 2009


Suresh Fernando, Steve Bosserman, Sam Rose, Paul B Hartzog

Pooled Fund Project Profile template is completed and ready to use on


By Dec 20 2009

1. We profile networked projects so that Suresh and OpenKollab can
leverage those profiles to move on to next stage in creating pooled

2. Sam works with Steve Bosserman and Greg Bolous to create a more
detailed view/assessment of local ecologies/economies for NEO, Athens,
Ohio, and Pittsburgh, PA. this detailed view will include suggestions
for where investment of all types would currently be most effective,
and will analyze/project the impact of commons-based and open systems.

3. Forward Foundation, Future Forward Institute, Open Kollab, P2P
Foundation will collaborate on creating an ongoing research and
development framework that capitalizes on all partner's current
activities. Other partners will be welcome as well if their work is
relevant immediately. These entities will partner on carrying out
rollout strategy, which will be in place by Dec 20 2009, and targetted
for a first iteration of Jan 20 2009, and monthly thereafter.  All
work shall be done in the open when legally possible (ie on openly
readable websites). All content and output shall be released under a
CC BY-SA license or equivalent. By participating in this project you
agree to these terms.

4. Periodically (at minimum bi-weekly) we shall update: Forward
Foundation wagn, at least one Forward Foundation blog post, p2p
foundation list and blog,
(list other target update networks here).

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