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On 11/26/09, M. Fioretti <mfioretti at nexaima.net> wrote:

>  while I was in Nepal I talked with people using OLPC there and in
>  other countries. I got more than one confirmation that OLPC is used
>  and doing good but not because it'ts the OLPC as Negroponte "sells"
>  it: that is, people take it because it's the only cheap laptop they
>  can get in volumes, but then don't really care about mesh networking,
>  put their own software on it and use it a-la-teachermate, that is as a
>  teacher support tool. Meaning that yes, it's doing good, but not
>  because of:

I suspect that OLPC was a great idea back several years ago when a
laptop was the least capital-intensive form of connectivity, and a
cheap stripped-down laptop would dramatically increase Web access.

But thanks to Moore's law, it's been left behind by the proliferation
of even cheaper Web-connected cell phones.

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