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Paul D. Fernhout pdfernhout at kurtz-fernhout.com
Fri Nov 27 00:11:59 CET 2009

Michel Bauwens wrote:
>> My own view is that Twitter would best replace this list.
> this puzzels me, I use twitter and like it, but how can it's tit for tat
> replace reasoned discussion that takes more than 140 characters . it would
> work for your pointers, but not for anything else ... and twitter is
> referential mostly, if there is nothing to point to, it quickly descends in
> babble ..

Also, email creates distributed redundant copies of information in lots of 
places. Twitters pointing to links on one site (or even more than one) 
creates a single point of failure where the content is hosted.

--Paul Fernhout

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