[p2p-research] Post-Depression first: Americans get more money from government than they give back | csmonitor.com

M. Fioretti mfioretti at nexaima.net
Thu Nov 26 08:11:17 CET 2009

On Wed, Nov 25, 2009 18:11:39 PM -0500, Ryan Lanham wrote:

> This is soooooooo correct!  People don't realize just how much
> damage has been done at the low end of labor...
> ...
> Happy to hear it discussed.  I somewhat feel as if Paul F. and I
> have been saying it back and forth to each other in a vacuum.

The day this list will enforce the same netiquette applied, without
any effort, in almost other mailing lists around, many more
subscribers will regularly engage in conversations. Right now, 90% of
traffic here is a uselessly verbose flow of unreadable, messed up

I don't know in general, but this list feels like a vacuum because
there are few regular posters who simply don't bother to format their
messages properly and doing so make it much harder and not worth the
effort for everybody else to step in, reinforcing the effect.

Participating to a discussion here requires an unjustified amount of
time to decrypt the text, not because the topic is too difficult but
because of how regular posters format their own replies. Unless one
has no other task in life that follow this list and think to P2P, you
need context from a message to remember what it was about.

And is a waste of money, if one doesn't have flat rate connectivity.
Why should one open =download = pay a 100KB message that is very
likely 95% already received ( = downloaded = paid) text, with just 2/3
new sentences? This list is very elitist, not P2P at all. Have you
noticed that almost all the regular posters are people with an email
service (gmail) that hides to its users the formatting problems it
creates to everybody else but is as far from P2P as can be; and people
who evidently don't pay Internet access by traffic, *when* they pay it
with their own money?

That's why, I am sure, almost nobody participates. Most subscribers by
now have realized all this, so they simply almost never open list
messages that are replies (I opened this almost by mistake): we just
open new messages as a read-only newsletter/ RSS feed.


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