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Paul D. Fernhout pdfernhout at kurtz-fernhout.com
Thu Nov 26 04:06:12 CET 2009

The Webby Awards rundown of the decade in chronological order:
     * Craigslist moving outside San Francisco in 2000 to revamp the whole 
notion of classified ads, striking fear in the hearts of newspapers everywhere.
     * The launch of Google AdWords in 2000, opening up a new world of 
advertising for businesses both large and small.
     * The start of Wikipedia in 2001 showing off the Internet's ability to 
let online strangers collaborate, leading to more than 14 million articles 
in 271 different languages.
     * The takedown of Napster in 2001, triggering a revolution in the way 
we now grab our music and videos.
     * Google's IPO in 2004, creating a massive, dominant, and far-reaching 
force on the Internet.
     * The online video revolution in 2006 triggered by beefy bandwidth, 
cheap camcorders, and YouTube, flooding cyberspace with an array of 
professional and not-so-professional videos.
     * The expansion of Facebook and the debut of Twitter in 2006, creating 
a fresh way for us to interact and communicate with friends and family.
     * The launch of the iPhone in 2007, helping us hop onto the Internet 
anywhere, anytime through a cell phone.
     * The U.S. presidential campaign in 2008 tapping into the Internet with 
videos like "Obama Girl," social networking use among voters, and online 
     * The Iranian election protesters in 2009 using Twitter to spread their 
word, a movement that prompted the U.S. State Department to ask Twitter to 
keep the site up and running.

At least half of them are about some form of P2P (if not all of them, to 
some degree).

--Paul Fernhout

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