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Wed Nov 25 18:59:06 CET 2009

> On state measures, we use these all the time:


The census bureau of the US is also superb--easily the best in the world
from our little perspective in the Caribbean.

I would also note that the University of California system is the envy of
the world--and every other state.  Vastly better than any other.
Carlifornia's GDP is 1.5x that of New York and per capita it is in the
top 10 despite vast agricultural and rural areas.

By itself, California is the eighth largest economy on earth.  It would
comfortably be in the G8 (larger than Spain or Canada).  It has over 100
Nobel Laureates living within its boundaries.  Though the largest US state
in Agriculture, 50% of its exports are in high tech goods.

The community colleges (my area of study) are the best on earth...many would
serve as full universities in other nations.

In state health rankings, California is in the top 10 even with vast
immigrant and undocumented populations.  No state takes more
immigrants...not even New York.

It has excellent public transportation systems, light rail, rail systems,

The schools are well above average...some are amongst the best in the
country both public and private.

It has long been a policy leader on trying new modes of governance, new
technologies, new standards (e.g. reducing carbon...lead free gas, etc.)

I'd be quite proud actually!

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