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Hi franz,

thanks for the update, but please note we already had a link here

concerning your critique of the peer review journal project,

yes, it seems this project is going to be academically oriented, and it took
a lot of processing time for the group behind it, which is why I also bailed
out of it, as you may have noticed. I consider the p2p wiki to be exactly
that, a goal oriented research project, and though it may not be academic,
the 9 million page views and multiple usages by researchers show it is
useful, even if very few people are working on it ...

I think we have to respect a plurality of visions, here, the academics in
the journal, naturally reflect their own priorities, including that of
surviving  in their careers, and I don't want to judge them on that. I ask
myself is it better to have academic journals without p2p, or to have at
least some of our voices heard ... I prefer the latter and so I still
rejoice in that initiative.

I'm not clear on how much innovative p2p procedures they have included in
this project, since I haven't followed it up lately, but perhaps mathieu,
stefan and athina and other participants found some innovative solutions?


On Sun, Nov 22, 2009 at 5:29 PM, Franz Nahrada <f.nahrada at reflex.at> wrote:

> Dear all,
> I dont know if that was already subject here, but I did not find an entry
> in the P2P resource wiki and if so we seem to have missed something really
> important.
> I made an entry:
> http://p2pfoundation.net/P2PU
> sorry if it was already covered. I could not find out because the current
> search function in the P2PWiki is extremely limited.
> Its very interesting that there is already a certain degree of support for
> this endavour, from the UC at Irvine, the Shuttleworth foundation and
> similar endavours.
> ----
> I am not reading this list (p2p research) too often due to overwhelming
> other stuff and lack of time, but I use the opportunity to give a short
> report and account on whats happening here in Vienna. I can relate to the
> Idea of P2PUniversity in manifold ways. One is that the current academic
> system is in a deep crisis which has only been exposed by the Bologna
> reforms. Its a historical coincidence that the wave of global student
> protests has started here in Vienna, but this gave me a lot of
> opportunities to get some reality check on this crisis. Together with
> Andreas Exner and others I intervened with a joint workshop in the
> Auditorium Maximum with the participation of about 100 students on a
> "Solidarity Economy of the University". We are just at the beginning of a
> process here discussing how academic structures can be broken up
> (especially concerning breaking the wall to adult education) and turned
> into a living element of social self-organisation and social self-support,
> forming a joint blog at http://massenuni.blogsport.de (in German).
> That said, I can also report that our own little "university" endavour is
> also moving forward to a certain degree; we have lots of participation
> interest in our small workshop on VideoBridging and the Virtual University
> of the Villages.
> http://www.dorfwiki.org/wiki.cgi?VideoBridge/GrundtvigWorkshop "Streaming,
> Sharing and Learning (SSL) – The options for and the use of Interactive
> Digital Video over long distances in adult education".  The selection
> process is almost done. I never dared to dream that we would have such
> demand. People sacrifice almost 2 weeks of their precious time for that,
> We managed to pull together a dream team, a fantastic group. look here:
> http://www.dorfwiki.org/wiki.cgi?VideoBridge/GrundtvigWorkshop/Participants
>  (in progress)   We will most likely be able to arrange a distributed
> stream on January the 25th 6 pm afternoon Vienna time so we can practicly
> demonstrate what we are talking about. Help in all form is welcome; we
> will ourselves create a learning community on NING, videobridge.ning.com
> to capture the incredible wealth of informations and elements, patterns
> and processes involved. The most important element of this will be our
> coming together in the January Workshop which I hope will take the form of
> a "sprint" producing a qunatum and quality leap of learning  materials.
> Everyone who wants to join the external circle is very welcome.
> I recently had an argument with a colleague who is a full-time academic
> researcher and it led to bitter scision about the role of academic and
> non-academic research. I dont go into details, but basically I see a
> danger of the move towards the formal academic sector and its procedures
> in the P2P-Oekonux world leaving out and structurally disregarding
> goal-oriented, construction oriented research work. Lots of time is spent
> on the construction of peer reviewed journals, on procedures of
> recognition, favoring an individualistic monadic and feuilletonistic style
> of publication and activity, whilst the construction and improvement of
> joint knowledge sources is getting out of focus. I dont know if this is
> really a healthy development, all I can say is that it has had a deep
> impact on communication structures and intensities already. More than ever
> before I begin to feel the truth of Marx eleventh theses on Feuerbach.
> The academic form of science was a limiting form for me personally which
> made me drop out of academic life - just to discover that I went out of
> the frying pan into the fire. To discover that without the proper
> resources (and time is the most valuable one) any form of research is
> doomed. This weeek we are going to have the 12th General assembly of GIVE,
> the research association that I formed in 1998 as a "bootstrap community"
> to explore, design and support the emergent new lifeforms that combine
> physical proximity and embeddedness with global connection and
> cooperation. GIVE was also meant to practically represent an alternative
> to the dominant form of academic research, embedding research in practise
> of activists and stakeholders of the village building process. In a way, I
> think the idea is still  very good - whilst in reality I have not been
> able to show very much of results other than Dorfwiki, a relatively
> confusing and unreadable collection of some parallel efforts to pursue
> isolated themes. So thats the downside of the process, which also led to
> disappointments and dissolution of friendships. Its not primarily a
> personal problem, its also a problem of funding and recognition, of time
> and resources. The "deep process" of holding together an innovative and
> exploring community of practise can paradoxically only be done by
> theoreticians; but this paradox is in no way socially recognized - yet.
> Anyway, I had these associations, but if we team up with P2P university I
> think it would be a logical step.
> Franz
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