[p2p-research] anti-microfinance movement in nicaragua protests usury

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On Thu, Nov 19, 2009 at 2:06 PM, Kevin Carson <
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> Part of the problem, though, is that there's an "international
> microfinance industry" in the first place, instead of networked credit
> being used as a way for local producers to aggregate their own
> capital.
The capital comes from outside.  All the administration in all situations of
which I am aware of...is always local.  In fact, it doesn't work if it isn't
local. The peer pressure of local lenders (almost always small NGOs) is what
helps keep payments flowing.

I have tried to find something wrong with the schemes...tried to be open to
criticisms from Yale, etc.  I can say in my own rather careful review that
these organizations do great things with and for people...I know of no
organization making money off of micro-credit.  If the capital could be
found locally, that would be best...for now, not likely.

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