[p2p-research] P2P Carbon trading - stage one

Ryan Lanham rlanham1963 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 19 16:22:36 CET 2009

> However, I think carbon trading is the wrong approach altogether. If
> it is clear that we should be emitting less Carbon Dioxide, then
> larger businesses and governments should be looking at how to change
> the systems that entities are using. It seems logical that this would
> more rapidly decrease emissions than offsets, and trading. I suppose I
> could be wrong about that. Carbon trading looks more and more like a
> shell game to me...

The economic theory would be that cap and trade offers aggregate
restrictions while giving firms room to maneuver.  If you can lower costs by
innovating and producing less carbon, then do so and sell your credits.  If
others cannot so innovate, then gradually raise prices and buy credits.  The
results of such systems have been generally good but less than ideal.

The good news in my opinion is that C&T forces tight measures and reduces
burdens on governments--and the right wing of business hates
governments...and won't generally cooperate with it.  This way there are
economic incentives for the conventional anti-government crowd to do the
right things.

All in all I am relunctantly pro C&T..  It isn't perfect, but it is probably
the best and quickest compromise position.  We all wish compromises weren't
necessary, but in a world of differences, you either have power or
compromise.  In my book, given the past, I'll take compromise every time.

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