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Open hardware micro swarmbots.

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One of my fave websites at the moment is Hizook, Travis Deyle's robot
news portal. Here's a snippet from a piece he posted about the
University of Stuttgart and University of Karlsruhe's open source swarm
robot project:
I'm a huge fan of so-called micro robots -- those with cm length
scales, thus μ m3. I've posted about numerous micro robots before,
including the amazing Alice micro robot swarms from EPFL, and I am a
long-time micro and nano autonomous sumo robot advocate (see
RoboGames). Perhaps that is why I'm so excited about the SwarmRobot.org
open hardware micro-robot swarm, developed by the University of
Stuttgart and the University of Karlsruhe. All of the hardware and
software is open (in the GPL sense), including parts lists, circuit
board and chassis designs, and software. With a stated goal to produce
sub-€100 robots, I'd really like to see this take off. Combined with a
wireless power surface, a micro-robot in perpetual motion would make a
great desk ornament!
Open Hardware Micro-Robot Swarm Project
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