[p2p-research] On General Labor and Socially Created Value

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Here's a few things I have been thinking about lately in relation to this:

1. Suitable licenses: Going through the process of developing an open
source aquaponic system now, I wonder if Creative Commons BY-SA
license is appropriate enough of a declaration for an entire
hardware/software/information distribution?

2. Findability: People should have a way to find release open licensed
hardware. If creative commons is enough, this problem is actually
largely solved (we'd just need a spidering system and a dedicated
search engine)

3. simple open standards for the package itself: all of the info, bill
of materials, etc could use some simple web-based standards. this is
probably going to take some time. If BOM had some simple standards,
they could hook into networks of producers when it comes time to

Just some thoughts. Others may have discussed this elsewhere, but
there's no concise movement to address any of this that I know of.

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