[p2p-research] Post-Colonialism and Commons Enclosure

Andy Robinson ldxar1 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 13 02:12:49 CET 2009

Hmmm, I read one of Franklin's pieces in the Persram volume on
postcolonialism, and wasn't impressed.  There was nothing in there I
couldn't have figured out by spending an hour on a web forum or two -
basically the chapter tried to pass off quite mundane facts about internet
life (for instance, that people argue about whether it's justifiable to
swear in forums or use all caps, and that people discuss issues of cultural
identity online and disagree because of their different political positions)
as massively original and theoretically significant
postcolonial/poststructuralist insights.  Certainly not relevant to IP and
the "commons" - it's more Laclauian identity-construction type stuff.

The intersection postcolonialism - commons - IP is a grouping I've not seen
explored.  Although a Google scholar search on the terms "intellectual
property commons postcolonial" reveals a list of possibilities, leading with
adding search term "online" brings this:

I'd also add that Vandana Shiva does a lot of work on biopiracy and
monoculture, and the "new enclosures" and the commons has inspired a string
of work by autonomist-inspired authors, notably in the collection "Midnight

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