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Paola Di Maio paola.dimaio at gmail.com
Thu Nov 12 21:56:20 CET 2009

Michel and all

Just to inform you that today I assisted to a talk by Manzini, and after
listening to him , I thought a lot of what he
says resonates, sounds familiar, do you know the p2pfoundation  btw and Yes,
apparently you are already in the same loop

the flyer about his talk here


I must say that I had to switch off the email to digest (which I rarely get
to read anyway) cause of email overlord
so if any direct replies to this msg pls cc my email offlist

Very weird things are happening, many of us  are working to  'connect'
people, but  what we connect on the one hand, gets disconnected by some
We talked about this during the public lecture too

two quick points:

a) how can we make sure that people working on related initiatives around
the world are connected
through this list  or other p2p group (are we all on facebook?),

b) can anyone working on a lecture/seminar/other activity on related themes
try to connect with local people to create some synergy
and maybe ping someone

is anyone on this list in Scotland? (apologies if I asked this q before)

and btw how did the seminar in Manchester go?


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