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  Sent to you by Ryan via Google Reader: The Go Programming Language via
Daring Fireball by John Gruber on 11/10/09

New systems level programming language from Google (but, judging from
the copyright statements, not an official Google project). Go has
built-in garbage collection, a simpler syntax than Java or C++, fast
compilation times and excellent performance — and it was designed with
concurrency in mind. Interesting and ambitious, to say the least.

Among many interesting details, it ships with a utility named gofmt,
which formats Go source code according to a standardized style — which
standardized style uses tabs, not spaces (hooray). Go uses a
Pascal-style “:=” assignment operator for initializing values (hooray).
And, regarding my own tiny sliver of expertise, the Regexp library
offers only a crude regular expression syntax (boo).

Update: Some amazing names are behind Go, including Ken Thompson and
Rob Pike.
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