[p2p-research] is open source design inferior

Tomas Rawlings tom at fluffylogic.net
Mon Nov 9 15:56:28 CET 2009

>> that I would like to see discussed on our blog, by someone familiar with
>> design dynamics in floss communities,
This a point my research inter-locks with.  In essence, I'd say that 
yes, open source design can and often is inferior - but - and this is a 
huge but - because the OS design process throws many more design 
solutions at the problem and because it has an ongoing iterative, 
evolutionary structure to it (the fitests design are adopted and so 
developed more in general) and to the best ideas are taken further and 
re-designed and re-built and so on, the while OS my produce a bad design 
initially, once the process of evolution gets underway, better design 
emerges than the commercial alternative.  So compare the usability of 
Linux circa 2000 to windows 2000 - then compare ubuntu 2009 to windows 
Vista - where will ubuntu (or another) be in 10 years and where will 
windows be?

If you see what I mean...


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