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Mon Nov 9 13:33:13 CET 2009


How about this for a start.
We could collectively decide on a series of 10 questions.
Properly formulated, kept general and open ended the questions should
elicite diverse responses from those interivewed.
Each video could be 5 - 10 minutes in duration.
Interviewee should attempt to answer at least 5 of the questions.
In this format the interviewer asking the questions is essentially
kept invisible and will not be seen or heard in the final edit.

So an interview would go a bit like this -

Interviewer asks - Could you please introduce yourself?
Interviewee Responds - Hi my name is ------- I work for  or Im
involved with this or that project ----
Interviewer ask - can you tell me a bit about this project -
Interviewee Responds --
Interviewer ask - In what way is P2P a part of that...how is P2P
important to your work?
Interviewee Responds --
Interviewer ask - What are your hopes/ plans for the future?
Interviewer Responds --

Naturally there will also be context specific questions
All of these can be discussed and explored via email before the video interview.

Im not sure about the technology but Im sure Ive seen video interviews
conducted over Skype online.
The quality is not the greatest but its a highly accessible format.

If Michael or others want to make suggestions as to who would be good
to interview and what questions need to be asked. We can either
individually volunteer to do the interviewing and production in a
decentralized manner or else send the questions to me. I will make the
arranments. Conduct the interviews via skype. Edit the video, upload
it to youtube/vimeo or blip.tv. Then post it to the blog. I think
skype has multi user capabilities so I dont neccesarily need to do the
interviewing if someone more suitable for the context is available.

Lets trial it.

I'll check out the recording options and do the editing and uploading.
All we need are
Someone to interview
Some questions
Someone to interview

Any volunteers?

Kevin F

Those who are willing

On Mon, Nov 9, 2009 at 11:09 AM, Michel Bauwens <michelsub2004 at gmail.com> wrote:
> we have indeed plenty of very interesting people who could be part of such
> videos ..
> how to start?
> On Mon, Nov 9, 2009 at 5:59 PM, Tomas Rawlings <tom at fluffylogic.net> wrote:
>>> With regards P2P TV
>>> What about doing video interviews with P2P advocates via Skype.
>>> for video and audio podcasts?
>>> Im not sure how manageable these proposals are at the moment?
>>> But maybe this might be something to work towards for the research
>>> centre in Chiang Mai.
>>> Any tech ideas on how these could be managed through the community?
>>> Best
>>> Kevin F
>> I think short, sharp videos with people talking about their ideas and
>> discussing current issues is a great way to communicate the ongoing ideas
>> that the p2p foundation looks at.  Re-posing the videos on youtube, blip.tv,
>> vimeo etc also means the ideas get to spread more...
>> Thanks
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>> Tomas
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